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Castle Warfare is game planned to be a turn-based tower defense game which turns out to be a strategically resource management game with 15 different scenarios and a total playtime of approximately ~2 - 2.5 hours. 

This game can be either played with Controller or Keyboard and supports two languages (German and English).

Defend all the castles
During each scenario, you have to create industrial buildings to farm ressources like wood, rock and ore in order to build various defense facilities. Increasing your defenses will stop enemy waves from destroying your castle. Are you good enough to defend all the castles? And can you even take on a dragon?

Destroy your enemies
In some scenarios, you have to destroy the enemy's castles in their territories by using the catapult. They will build military bases, watchtowers, academies and other buildings to protect themselves from your attacks. Therefore, a solid strategy is everything you need to bring the enemy to their knees and destroy their castle.

• Fight against orcs or dwarves, depending on whether you are in the mountains or in the valley. Be well prepared for new and even stronger enemies.
• Create various buildings, such as sawmills, quarries, ore mines and military bases.
• Create a seaport to trade ressources and fend off enemy attacks with alchemy.
• Destroy enemy castles with the help of infantry or by using a powerful catapult. A tactical combat system is waiting for you, where you need to collect raw material as fast as you can to destroy your enemies.
• Unlock new and awesome buildings, such as watchtowers, townhalls, churches and much more.


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Very fun game, but I couldn't get past the "ambush" level. I can get the alchemy school built and get off one myst spell but it isn't enough. They do 29 damage against 20..22 reduction. I can't quite manage to get a military base and the alchemy school built at the same time, which might work? Anyway, really fun game!

Thank you, airways. Lemme help you with this level. As you're starting with 1 HP, you must cast the healing spell first. Someone did a walkthrough years ago. Here you can see how it's done.

Cool! I knew there had to be a way.