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TwoFaceGames have an established knack for coming up with innovative ways to use the RPG Maker system.  Port Traventor's their biggest game yet, and it's a unique hybrid concept that's first and foremost an idling kingdom manager that also incorporates JRPG-style quests and combat.  It can get a little grindy but in a way that will seem normal to most JRPG fans.  There's no downtime - always something to do and some new upgrade to strive for.  Creative. 

Yesterday, I made an Update to Port Traventor.

Namely, I've added 4 Battle Towers, where you fight tournament battles against increasingly stronger waves of enemies. Each tower has a total of 5 battles that must be completed in a row in order to win the special price. In any case, you can get a whole bunch of tools in each tower. However, even though this is considered optional content, those towers neatly enhance gameplay.

I also made a few more changes. Magic skills now have a smart new effect (darkened screen while casting spells) and some enemies in the late game have been adjusted in difficulty as well.

You're still into Port Traventor? Well, you'll like this Update! Have fun.

it is a pretty good game and RPG maker isn't the first engine I think of when I see a city/kingdom/economy management game so I appreciate the creativity but it gets really stale and repetitive quickly like I think I have killed so many barbarians that I might be considered a war criminal 

Hi and thanks for your comment. Glad you like the idea. As for resources, you can make things easier by finding several tutors and learn passive skills from them. This increases the number of tools you get from foes. For instance, visit Enrias River to find a tutor. Reading your comment, I decided to increase the bonus granted by passive skills from 30 % to 40 %. Might feel more rewarding now.:)

glad my comment was helpful


I'd like to announce that I've solved a minor issue with the desert caravan. Most time players tried to drop off from the caravan, they were dropped in a direction that they didn't prefer. This can't happen anymore from now on. :) Have fun with the updated version.

Good game! A bit repetitive in places, but still very good.

Thank you. :)

Started playing the game, looks really good and cannot wait to continue it =D shall drop the playlist down below, will be uploading another soon enough and looking forward to it!

Thanks again for let's playing one of my games, mate. Quite a smart start you had. I really am excited to see the next parts. :)