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Trapped is a strategic Dungeon Crawler in classic First Person View, in which you fight your way through an exciting underground maze full of dangers. You will encounter enemies, trigger mechanisms, find awesome treasure chests and open locked doors with either colored keys or lockpickers. 

The game is based on an early project I created years ago during a Game Jam. Now the game has been completely rebuilt, overhauled and expanded into a whole new experience with a total playtime of approximately ~1 - 1,5 hours.

Silas, the elf, was imprisoned in Ravenstein. Will he find a way to leave this underground prison? To find out, you have the following options:

• Defeat up to 10 different enemy types  with unique skills in a tactical, turn-based combat system.
• Analyze enemy troops using your elven perception. Plan tactically... or simply blow them away with powder kegs.
• Fight foes with your bayonet weapon and eventually find different bows. Use them and learn up to 4 long-range archery skills to be a smart killer from distance.
• Upgrade your maximum Health and maximum number of Arrows you can carry.
• Collect lockpickers to crack a variety of chests and doors. You'll make a whole bunch of loot here, pal.
• Activate mechanisms that move away walls and discover hidden paths inside a gigantic maze.
• Find different colored keys to open special doors. Can you find the purple key on each map to proceed?

This game can be either played with Controller or Keyboard and supports two languages (German and English).


Buy Now$6.99 USD or more

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Trapped is a nicely-made retro dungeon crawler that brings back fond memories of an old gameboy game that I loved - Wizardry, maybe? In any case, Trapped sees you trying to work your way through a maze while facing some very challenging enemies that require strong resource management and some strategy to defeat. Nostalgic and enjoyable.

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Hi, i really like your game, is there any way i can contact you?

Hi, Shofixi. Sure, you can. I'd really like to welcome you on my discord server. I linked it on my profile page.

Really cool idea, and it's simplicity reminds me of Wizardry I. Gave 5 stars.

That’s good surprise, this game remind me the king’s field series (of from software) on PS1. This is a good job continue !

Thanks. Yes, I'll continue making games for sure.


First Impression. Follow and subscribe if you like the channel. Inbox and subscribe if you want your game played :D?

Great LP, bro. Thanks again. After watching the first few minutes, I decided to convert ALL my games from .rar into .zip files to make it easier for y'all to play. :)