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Trapped is a nicely-made retro dungeon crawler that brings back fond memories of an old gameboy game that I loved - Wizardry, maybe? In any case, Trapped sees you trying to work your way through a maze while facing some very challenging enemies that require strong resource management and some strategy to defeat. Nostalgic and enjoyable.

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Hi, i really like your game, is there any way i can contact you?

Hi, Shofixi. Sure, you can. I'd really like to welcome you on my discord server. I linked it on my profile page.

Really cool idea, and it's simplicity reminds me of Wizardry I. Gave 5 stars.

That’s good surprise, this game remind me the king’s field series (of from software) on PS1. This is a good job continue !

Thanks. Yes, I'll continue making games for sure.


First Impression. Follow and subscribe if you like the channel. Inbox and subscribe if you want your game played :D?

Great LP, bro. Thanks again. After watching the first few minutes, I decided to convert ALL my games from .rar into .zip files to make it easier for y'all to play. :)