Play a card game with Lydia and sip a couple of beers along the way.
Card Game
Help a criminal elf escape from a dark maze full of dangers.
Solve a series of block puzzles to help a harpy find a magical energy source.
You're a Succubus owning an Item Shop! Sell stuff and earn hearts.
A story-based short game where your decisions matter. Get one of three possible endings.
Visual Novel
Solve a series of puzzles to help a witch cast powerful spells.
They locked you inside a huge tower. Solve puzzles to escape.
Plagued by orcs and dwarves, Traventor needs a true king to rise to the occasion! Would it be that you are such a king?
In this shooter you play as a dragon, trying to burn down the entire land.
Create many different buildings to defend your castle and fight against your enemies to destroy their castles.
Play poker the old-fashioned way and get rich.
Card Game
Play blackjack against the computer and get rich.
Card Game
As the last human mercenary, it falls to you to take up leadership in your people's darkest hour.

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